Monday, June 25, 2018

"Language" sketchbook journal - new sketches

I'm sure glad that I have various sizes of paper in my Language sketchbook journal. The last few days I was busy with non-art related responsibilities. I had short amount of time to create art so it was good to have small (4"x4") pages available for quick sketches. I love the organic feel of these two sketches.

"Language" sketchbook journal - "water = life" and "fresh air"

close up - water = life 4"x4"

close up - fresh air 4"x4"

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Thursday, June 21, 2018

"Language" sketchbook journal - new sketches

I have such a heavy heart right now. I'm going to let my art speak for me.

"Language" sketchbook journal - #endfamilyseparation and #keepfamiliestogether

close up - #endfamilyseparation 7"x4"

close up - #keepfamiliestogether 8"x4"

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Duct Tape Cover with Coptic Stitch

It's been quite awhile since I shopped for duct tape. I was surprised to find so many colorful and patterned tapes. I thought it would be fun to use to cover a book. This technique isn't unique but none the less I wanted to give it a try.

I bought a few different patterns of duct tape but wanted to start with a simple pattern that was easy to put into repeat. Besides, I liked the look of this burlap duct tape. This book is 5"x4" with the Coptic Stitch.

Materials used: Burlap Duct Tape, mat board for the substrate, waxed linen thread and resume stationery for signatures.

front cover - 5"x4"

spine view showing Coptic Stitch
Opened view showing resume stationery

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Monday, June 18, 2018

Fabric Book with Gathered Long and Link Stitched

I found a few more pieces of commercial fabric in my stash to make another fabric covered book. This black/white with red ribbon book measures 6"x4". I used Lineco Neutral pH Adhesive to glue the fabric to the substrate. As I mentioned in this post, this adhesive works really well in gluing fabric without staining it. The glue dries clear, flexible and fast.

Materials used: cracker box substrate, commercial fabric and ribbon, red thread sewn with machine for detail, pre-waxed book binding thread and resume stationery for signatures.

front cover tied with red ribbon - 6"x4"

spine view with Gathered Long and Link Stitch tied with red ribbon

spine view with Gathered Long and Link Stitch untied red ribbon
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Friday, June 15, 2018

"Language" sketchbook journal - new sketches

This week's sketches in my "Language" sketchbook journal are a bit simplistic as compared to past sketches. I'm created in my comfort zone so to speak. When I added the asemic writing to the ground for "words of wisdom", I realized that bit of marking was enough. It made me chuckle. Asemic writing for words of wisdom. Get it? I used "speak up" for the other sketch because it went with "words of wisdom". 

"Language" sketchbook journal - "words of wisdom" and "speak up"

close up - speak up 7"x5"

close up - speak up 4"x4"

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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Fabric Book Cover with Buttonhole Stitch

I mentioned here that I taught a workshop on book making. One of the positive things I mentioned about teaching is learning from students. Some of the students used fabric to decorate their book covers. I have been using paper to decorate mine. This weekend I decided to made a simple, commercial fabric covered book that's 6"x4". I found that it was easier than I had thought. It helped that I used good quality glue. I had on hand Lineco Neutral pH Adhesive, which dries clear, flexible and fast. 

Lineco Neutral pH Adhesive

front cover

back cover

spine with buttonhole stitch

fore edge with tied ribbon

inside cover before signatures were sewn in

outside cover before signatures were sewn in

I used resume type paper and book pages for the signatures. Some of the resume papers I left blank. Some I glued images from magazines, painted scraps and stamped words & symbols.

I liked the way this book turned out and planning on making more of these types of books. I have more commercial fabric picked out for other book covers.

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Friday, June 8, 2018

"Language" sketchbook journal - new sketches

I'm trying to keep my weekly practice of working in my "Language" sketchbook journal. This week has been a bit difficult because I got so inspired to make books after teaching the book making workshop last Saturday. My plan is to juggle book making and creating in a sketchbook journal...along with working at my day job. Here are this week's sketches created in my "Language" sketchbook journal.

"Language" sketchbook journal - "pure energy" and "the creation of static"

close up - "pure energy" 8"x5"

close up - "the creation of static" 7"x5"

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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Book Making Workshop and 2 Coptic Stitched Books

This past Saturday (6/2/18) I taught my first book making workshop. The workshop took place at San Fernando Valley Arts and Cultural Center for the members of Surface Art Association. I was too busy to take photos but some of the members posted photos of the day on Facebook. Click here.

It was such a fantastic learning experience for me. Yes, you read that sentence correctly. I learned a lot by teaching others. Some of the things that I learned in no particular order:

Students like to share their knowledge with others, which makes teaching a learning experience for the teacher.
I have knowledge that others want to know.
I can speak in front of an audience without making a fool out of myself.
I can't say enough about being prepared and organized.  
Things will happen that are out of my control. 

Another by product of teaching is having samples to use for future projects. I brought samples of how I decorate my covers in various stages of completion. Instead of storing away for future workshops, I decided to construct books using these samples. Here a two that I finished so far. Both are 6"x4" with Gelli printed paper glued to the covers and bound using the Coptic stitch.

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