Monday, April 19, 2021

New collages in my art journal

I first talked about this new art journal here.

I created this collage after having two challenging days at my day job. I had not been able to unwind outside of my work hours. I knew it would past and it did. I’m sharing this not for sympathy but to share how I dealt with it. I got up early (4:30am) and felt the need to rip up some papers. I create this collage from some of the ripped papers and in a section from an old dictionary. It was a great way to release the negative feelings so I could be productive that day.


A quickly made collage before I started my work day on Friday, April 2nd.


This collage came about because I wanted to practice painting lines using acrylic paint, paintbrush and a ruler. My goal wasn’t to paint uniform lines. Instead, I wanted to be able to paint somewhat straight lines. I like that these lines have subtle changes in opacity and widths while being somewhat straight.


I tend to go back and forth between geometric and expressive collages. The constant is that the collages I create are abstract.



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