Saturday, July 30, 2016

Quick Painted Sketch Paper - Collage #15

Collage #15 was made in 20 minutes. It helped that I only used 3 pattern papers. I fell back into my simple style and that's okay. No self-judgement. As I have said before, it's about the process. I'm happy with the finished piece.

Collage #15 - 17" x 16"
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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Quick Painted Sketch Paper - Collage #14

I'm continuing to make time to create collages. Collage #14 was made over 3 days, 15 minutes each day. I've been focusing on the process instead of rushing to finish a collage in one day. This is allowing me to get comfortable experimenting with using different designs together in each collage. I'm happy with the final collage.

Collage #14 - 18" x 17"

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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Quick Painted Sketch Paper - Collage #13

Collage #13 was made the same way as the other collages. I cut up the quickly painted sketch papers and machine stitched them together with red thread. I must admit that I'm getting more comfortable mixing multiple patterns together. What started out as a way to make time for art each day, is turning out to be a wonderful learning experience. A way to get me to create outside my comfort zone. 

Collage #13 - 19" x 18"

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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Quick Painted Sketch Paper - Collage #12

Collage #12 is another collage that pushes me outside my comfort zone. The mix of patterns is busier than my usual style. That's okay. I'm starting to get accustomed it.

As with the previous collages, Collage #12 uses the quick paper sketch papers and machine stitched with red thread.

Collage #12 - 19" x 18"

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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Rolodex Project II - Cards #3 and #4

My last blog post, I announced that some of my 3D fiber artwork is in the Beyond the Edge Fiber Artists' exhibit called "Shaped by Fiber III" at the Cerritos Library.

Now it's time to create 2 cards for my Rolodex Project II. The cards represent "Water Lilies", which is an accordion book and "Light Catcher", which is a cylinder with cutouts and beads.

Card #3 - "Water Lilies"
Card #3 back

Card #4 - "Light Catcher"
Card #4 back

Rolodex Project II is starting to fill in!

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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Beyond the Edge Fiber Artists - 2 exhibits

I'm excited to have artwork in the Beyond The Edge Fiber Artists two exhibits, “My Inner Self-Portrait” and “Shaped by Fiber III”, on display this summer at the Cerritos Library in Cerritos, California.  The exhibits will begin on July 1 and run through the end of August, 2016. The library is located at 18025 Bloomfield Ave. in Cerritos, California. You can contact the library for more information at 562-916-1350. I hope you have a chance to see them and the lovely Cerritos library. 

Shaped by Fiber III

Shaped by Fiber III is an exhibit featuring fiber art that goes beyond two dimensional wall hangings. The works shown in this exhibit include three dimensional forms, vessels, mounted fiber art, and hanging pieces. This stunning exhibit shows numerous ways that fibers can be sculpted to create spectacular artworks. 
It's nice to have a beautiful space that I can show my 3D pieces
" Water Lilies" 5" x 25"

"Light Catcher" 6" x 8"

Rolodex Project I

My Inner Self-Portrait 
A fine arts fiber exhibit exploring aspects of self-portraiture. In this exhibit the artist was asked to look beyond the mere physical and instead present an inner view. The art work may reflect how the artist sees themselves at this time, or at a formative moment in their life. Each piece reveals something unique to the individual and at the same time, that which is universal to all.

This exhibit premiered in 2015 at Road to California. My artist statement for this piece:

"My piece is called Becoming Me. This artwork is a part of the Peel Away The Layers series that I started when I was approaching my 50th birthday.  I realized that I was peeling away the layers to become the woman that I am today.  Underneath the layers is a slightly wonky, colorful woman."

"Becoming Me" 30" x 40"

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