Friday, March 27, 2020

Mini Art Journal

How's everyone today?

I was inspired to create this small art journal after watching  Nik the Booksmith recent YouTube video on making mini books.

I have a large stack of 6"x4" drawing paper scraps that's leftover from another project that I want to use up. Last year I was on a bit of no buy but now I'm on a strict no buy for awhile. I want to use up the supplies I have on hand.

This art journal is 3"x4"x7/8" with 10 signatures, 2 folios/8 pages - front & back per signature. Commercial fabric scrap was used for the cover. A scrap of red sari ribbon was used for the closure.

I'm planning on using this art journal in the same way as my Camo art journal as a place to unload paint from my brush, test markers to make sure there was ink left and to write notes. Once every page is marked then I'll go back in and create collages.

Stay safe and healthy, my friends.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Slow Stitch Journal


Hi everyone! I hope you're staying healthy and safe. 

As of right now, I'm still going into my day job but the situation is fluid. Other than my day job and grocery shopping, I'm staying close to home. As an artist, I can keep myself busy by finding various ways to be creative and productive. I created this Slow Stitch Journal to use to practice hand stitching and to relax from the day. 

This journal is 4"x6" with a 1" spine. There are 4 signatures with 6 folios in each. The video is showing the first signature. The majority of the fabric was hand dyed by me. The only commercial fabric is the fabric on the spine and the two darker fabric pieces on the back and front covers. I included the bright green fabric to add some oomph. 

I'm working with Quilt N Things Fiber Arts Studio to, hopefully, offer a class on how to make this journal after things settle down.

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Thursday, March 12, 2020

Commission Writing Journal

I recently completed a commission writing journal. Since it's main use is writing, I had to make sure there was enough blank pages. It was a fun challenge to make the journal my esthetic while making it functional for the end user.  

Music: Feeling Fine

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Sunday, March 1, 2020

New artwork in my Camo and Doodle Art Journal

I mentioned on the post here that I'm working in multiple art journals at one time.
Here is the latest completed pages from my Camo and Doodle art journals: 

Doodle art journal

Camo art journal

Camo art journal

Camo art journal

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