Saturday, November 7, 2009

Parent's Anniversary Art Quilts

For my parent's anniversary this past July, I made their own piece of fiber art.

For my dad, I used a picture of him in the Marines. Even though he was only in the service for 4 years, he has more stories than someone in for 30 years. Here he is goofing around with his buddy. My dad is the one with the handkerchief.

For my mom's piece, I used a picture of her on one of her vacations before she met my dad. The danger sign is in the original picture. Long blue strips of fabric on either side of the piece looked good as is so I decided not to trim them as originally planned.
Recently, I finish a project that was started as a way to try a few different styles/techniques. Using old photos of the beach at sunset as reference, each scene was painted individually using a watercolor technique. I applied on top dark blue opaque paint for the trees, people and land. Then I sewed yellow and orange squares of fabric to frame each scene. As was going to leave it as is but my friend, Madeleine, suggested bringing in the dark blue color again. The dark blue fabric is sewn on the back really brings the whole piece together. Thanks, Madeleine!
Now I'm off to start sketching a new project........or two.