Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Santa Monica Hangar Gallery Exhibit

Recently, I heard the wonderful news that 2 of my pieces were juried into the Santa Monica Art Studios Hangar Gallery exhibit. "Peel Away The Layers I" and "Peel Away The Layers II" will be on display. Then I received an email from the coordinator of this exhibit that "Peel Away The Layers II" sold! I'm so excited!

I'll be attending the opening reception and hope to see some friendly faces.

Santa Monica Art Studios Hangar Gallery
3026 Airport Ave. Santa Monica, CA 90405
Exhibit runs May 19 - June 16, 2012
Reception, Saturday, May 19th from 6-9 pm
Regular gallery hours are Wednesdays-Saturdays noon-6 pm.

Peel Away The Layers I

Peel Away The Layers II - SOLD

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Play Around continued

I had an interruption last week so, I didn't get much done on my "Playing Around" project. It's pouring down rain today so, it's perfect weather to be creative.

Usually, I make quick sketches or notes of ideas that I have for projects in my sketchbook. With this project, I had didn't have a clear direction on what I wanted to do. I took a picture of the project so far and edited the size so I could fit 4 images on a word document.

Then I played around with different ideas using a black pen. I intentionally stayed away from abstract designs because most of my artwork lately has been in that style.

I really liked the shape of the single flower in the lower left. Next step is to draw it out on the actual artwork. To be continued....

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Playing Around

Okay, I have to admit that I planned to Spring clean my place this weekend but the dust bunnies will have to wait.  

I don't have any immediate deadlines so, I thought I would play this weekend. Besides making 10 pieces for my graffiti inspirations blog, I was inspired paint a large (for me) canvas.

Graffiti Inspirations artwork

 I have this 30" x 40" canvas lying around from a project that didn't go anywhere. Newspaper was adhered to the canvas using white acrylic paint and matte medium.

I started by painting a wash of aqua and blue then drybrushed some yellow accents on top.

Now that I have the base of the painting, it's time to add some contrast. Cobalt Blue circles were added using a stencil I made from medium weight cardboard.

I think I have a good start. This coming week I will add layers to it and see what develops.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Almost Spring

It's not quite Spring but it sure seems like it. These tulips are adding beauty to my kitchen window and to my slightly neglected blog.