Friday, June 25, 2021

New collages in my collage art journal

I first posted about this art journal here. Other collages are posted here.

The two large fuchsia pieces in this collage are used bleeding tissue papers. I have a large tuberware of full of these papers that I used to mark blank papers for journals. It's time that I start using these papers in my collages.

There are two layers of blue used bleeding tissue papers in this collage. Even though one layer showed the beautiful variation of blues, there wasn't enough contrast against the other papers.

I challenged myself by limiting my color palette to green and orange. The bright green is used bleeding tissue paper. The dark forest green reads almost black in this photo. The deep contrast in color variations help to balance this simple collage.


The used bleeding tissue paper is in the upper right corner.


Another challenge for myself. I tried to use a group of paper scraps that I blindly grabbed from a bin. The used bleeding tissue paper is in the lower left corner.


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Monday, June 14, 2021

New collages in my collage art journal

I first posted about this art journal here.

This collage reminds me of a textile design.


I stepped outside my usual saturated color palette for this collage. Just a hint of yellow.


New collage. The large green and mustard yellow paper was created by wiping off excess paint from a brayer while printing. I have used small sections of this paper for other collages and in the upper right area. I love the texture and pattern of this remaining section, so I decided to use it as a large focal point.


This collage is in my comfort zone with the cool tone colors and a mix of scribbles papers and security envelope text.

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Wednesday, June 2, 2021

New quotes/artwork in Soft Cover (Quote) Art Journal

I previously wrote about this art journal here, here and here.

Here are the new quotes/artwork in my Soft Cover (Quote) Art Journal.

This is more of a greeting than a quote. Since March 20th of 2020, the majority of my work emails that I send or receive have this greeting or a variation of it. Most of my work colleagues are telecommuting, it's a way we are connecting with each other.

I used the Uni Posca Paint Marker PC-1M White - Extra Fine Pint that in the JetPens white ink pen sample that I brought in March. I haven't used this size nib before from Uni Posca. It worked great. I'm not too surprised since this brand makes dependable pens.


Another favorite quote.


This quote is a good reminder. To be honest, I could fill this whole art journal with quotes from Corita Kent.

 This quote is stenciled on a wall outside a school near where I live. Perfect location.


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