Thursday, April 15, 2021

More artwork in Soft Cover Art Journal (Quote Journal)

I made a short video about this art journal here. Another video showing my experience writing a quote with a Sakura Glaze Gel Pen - White here. All the white pens are from the JetPens White Ink Pens Sampler that I purchased from their website.

The images below are the more completed pages.


Another gem of a quote from a co-worker. We tend to talk a lot about the days of the week.

I used the Pilot Juice Paint Marker - Fine Point - White. I had to write  the quote twice to get the text nice and white. The green painted paper has regular acrylic paint so it's shiny. Next time I used this pen, I wrote on matte acrylic painted paper.


Another favorite quote.

I used the Pilot Juice Paint Marker - Fine Point - White on this quote. This time, I used the pen on matte acrylic painted paper for comparison. I had better experience this time. I only had to go over a few letters twice.


Title of a book I read many years ago. I don't remember the book and I still stress the small stuff.

I used the Uni-ball Signo Broad UM-153 Gel Pen White. The Holy Grail of white ink pens. It performed as I expected since I have used this pen many times as most artists have. Dependable go to pen.


Not a quote but a work that I have heard many people use this past year.

I wrote this word using the Raymay Florescent Board Marker Pen 2-mm White. I have never of this brand. The pen worked fantastic! I wouldn't call the color florescent but it's a nice thick nib white pen. Comparable to the Sharpie Water Based Paint Marker and Uni Posca Paint Marker. Both of those pens are in this sampler pack as well.


This quote is part of a bigger piece of art by John Baldessari. To learn more about his art piece, click on this link.


This quote by Maya Angelou has resonated with me since I read it many years ago.

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