Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Fabric Book Cover with Buttonhole Stitch

I mentioned here that I taught a workshop on book making. One of the positive things I mentioned about teaching is learning from students. Some of the students used fabric to decorate their book covers. I have been using paper to decorate mine. This weekend I decided to made a simple, commercial fabric covered book that's 6"x4". I found that it was easier than I had thought. It helped that I used good quality glue. I had on hand Lineco Neutral pH Adhesive, which dries clear, flexible and fast. 

Lineco Neutral pH Adhesive

front cover

back cover

spine with buttonhole stitch

fore edge with tied ribbon

inside cover before signatures were sewn in

outside cover before signatures were sewn in

I used resume type paper and book pages for the signatures. Some of the resume papers I left blank. Some I glued images from magazines, painted scraps and stamped words & symbols.

I liked the way this book turned out and planning on making more of these types of books. I have more commercial fabric picked out for other book covers.

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