Saturday, December 16, 2017

Time For Tea - mini sketchbook journal continued

I'm continuing to sketch in my Time For Tea mini (4.5" x 5.5") sketchbook journal. This book was one of the first books I made while teaching myself to book bind. I should mention that I'm continuing to practice book binding. It's an ongoing and inspiring new practice for me. To read about the start of my book binding journey, please click here. To see the sketches from my previous blog posts, please click here and here.

This colorful sketch was created by using the initial watercolor ground as the inspiration. To me it feels calming and energetic at the same time. 


Another sketch using the watercolor ground painted before I stitched the signatures into the book. Sometimes it helps to have some color on the page instead of starting with blank page. I like the use of indigo as the darkest value instead of black.

I'm doing my best to use other dark colors instead of black as the darkest value. This sketch using dark purple. Incorporating words, quotes or part of sentences adds a nice layer to make a simple collage.

 I pushed myself outside my comfort zone for this sketch. Many layers of paint and paper...and no blue! The good thing about mini sketchbooks is the freedom to play, explore and experiment.

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