Monday, November 14, 2022

Creating 1 collage a day for 7 days plus benefits of small art journal/sketchbook

In this video, I talk about the benefits of creating in a small art journal and/or sketchbook. Then I show you the process of creating one collage a day for 7 days in my 5" square collage art journal. 

In the timestamps below, I put the actual time it took to create each collage before making edits for this video. I took out things such as pulling collage materials, deciding on composition, drying the paint. Each collage was made under 20 minutes. 

Thanks for watching! 

00:00 intro and benefits of a small art journal and/or sketchbook
01:54 Day 1 collage - real time 10:22mins
03:36 Day 2 collage - real time 14:40mins
05:34 Day 3 collage - real time 9:17mins
07:41 Day 4 collage - real time 11:50mins 
10:07 Day 5 collage - real time 12:04mins
14:12 Day 6 collage - real time 19:42mins 
17:56 Day 7 collage - real time 8:49mins
15:38 flip through of all 7 collages

"Geneassist" Copyright 07/2020
"Suddenly Spontaneous" Copyright 05/2021 
"Big Ideas" and "Sudden Inspiration" Copyright 02/2022
Written & Arranged by Gene Brown 
Special permission of use granted to 
Mia Bloom Designs by the artist  

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