Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Creating three collages (music only)


Hi Friends! I hope everyone is doing well. A bit of a back story regarding this video. I am teaching summer art classes at a local middle school last week and this week. Needless to say, it’s taking up most of time but I am really enjoying teaching these amazing kids! I wasn't able to film a proper video last week and probably this week will be the same. I didn’t want to miss uploading a video while I’m teaching. I was able to film myself making three collages in one of my art journals. I made these collages on different days after work. It was a great way for me to unwind from my day. I hope you enjoy this video! Thanks for watching! Mia 



00:00 Collage 1 

07:38 Collage 2 

12:39 Collage 3




Written & Arranged by Gene Brown

Copyright 07/2020

Special permission of use granted to Mia Bloom Designs by the artist.


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