Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Starting a new journal

As I mentioned here, I completed creating in my "Language" sketchbook journal. I had to decide which of my completed books to use as my next journal. Recently, I took Nik the Booksmith's Hollow Back Book Binding online class. One of the books I made didn't turn out as planned because it doesn't have a hollow back spine. The book has a flat back spine. The book doesn't close all the way because the signatures (group of pages) don't lay flat along the inside of the spine. I won't be able to sell the book because of this flaw, which helped to make my decision to use it as my next journal. 

The cracker box substrate is 6"x4" closed and 6"x9" opened. I monoprinted the paper used for the outside and inside covers. The covers have coordinating duct tape and washi tape on the spine. The five signatures are made using Blick White Sulphite Drawing Paper in 80lb that are sewn into the book with waxed nylon thread. There's a 50 pages.

In my "Language" sketchbook journal, I used the same paper but monoprinted the paper before sewing into the journal. This time around the paper is unmarked. It will be a good challenge to start with blank papers.

Let the fun begin!

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