Saturday, October 14, 2017

sketchbook journal - update

I'm surprising myself how much I like working in the smaller (6"x8") sketchbook journal. It less intimidating than trying to create sketches in the 10"x12" repurposed magazine sketchbook journal. Here are 4 completed sketches made from the smaller sketchbook journal. Two of the sketches I like, the other two...not so much. I keep saying to myself that's all about the process and journey. It's helping my art brain think of a direction I want to go with my art.

This sketch made with a mandala is the most detailed of the 4 completed sketches. The ground was made days before the mandala was created. I really pushed myself to complete the mandala in one sitting.

I created this sketch from start to finish in between getting ready in the morning for my day job. It's not an amazing piece of art but it serves the purpose of producing something creative that day. 

This sketch is the closest I have come to creating a whimsical piece. It just not a style I'm drawn to. Excuse the pun...and ending the sentence with a preposition.

I adhered the flower cut from a magazine when I first started this sketchbook journal. I wasn't sure if I was going to design around it or cover it up. As you can see, I eventually painted around it. 

Side note: Looking back at all 4 sketches, I see that green was using in all of them. It's my favorite color. It wasn't intentional. Just an observation.

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