Thursday, January 19, 2017

"Sketchbook West 2017" - Pages 35 to 48

I took a few weeks off from working on my sketchbook for Las Laguna Gallery's "Sketchbook West 2017" exhibit to work on larger fiber pieces. There seems to be some good exhibiting opportunities in 2017 and I want to have new artwork to enter.

To learn more about the "Sketchbook West 2017" project, please click here.

Pages 35 and 36: I decided to jump back into this project with this very loose sketch. I had to remind myself that it's a sketchbook so by definition the art does not need to be finished looking. This sketch records a color story along with a design idea. Materials used: acrylic paint, pencil, oil pastel and tissue paper.

Pages 35 and 36
Pages 37 and 38: More pages that are a loose sketch used to record a color story along with a design idea. Materials used: acrylic paint, ultra thin black Sharpie and thick white Sharpie over white oil pastel.

Pages 37 and 38

Pages 39 and 40: I usually don't incorporate pastel colors in my art especially pastel pink. While I was leafing through a fashion magazine, I was struck by a 11 page spread featuring  model Aamito Lagum wearing pink clothes against a pink background. It was stunning! Further into the magazine, I noticed mint green used in a few advertisements. To document this color story for future reference, I cut up some of the magazine pages and glued into this sketchbook. Some white sharpie pen to add some additional elements. Materials uses: magazine pages, white Sharpie and glue.

Pages 39 and 40

Pages 41 and 42: Looking through the same magazine as I did for pages 39 and 40, I noticed some wonderful grey and red/burgundy/maroon elements. Materials used: magazine pages, glue and white, black, red Sharpies.

Pages 43 and 44: I enjoyed using pages from a magazine to create pages 39 to 42. To push myself a bit, I decided to create a collage using this material. I'm excited and happy with the way this collage turned out. Especially since I used a stick glue instead of Yes glue. The papers didn't wrinkle as much as pages 39 to 42. Materials used: magazine pages, acrylic paint and stick glue.

Pages 43 and 44

Pages 45 and 46: Another collage using magazine pages and acrylic paint.

Pages 45 and 46

Pages 47 and 48: Another collage using magazine pages and acrylic paint. See a trend happening?

Pages 47 and 48

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  1. Each of these sketchbook pages are visually very interesting. Love them all.

    1. Thank you! I've decided to keep a sketchbook after I finish this project. I'm loving the process of creating these pages to quickly document an idea.