Monday, February 1, 2016

Altering Magazine Pages with CitraSolv

For years I've been meaning to eek out some time to try altering magazine pages with Citra Solv. It's a technique has been around for awhile. This technique needs to be done when the weather is dry and warm. Fortunately, last week was warm enough so I made time then.

Before I started, I watched Cathy Taylor's YouTube video as a refresher course. She suggested using National Geographic magazines for the best results and Clear Tar Gel as a resist. I've never used Clear Tar Gel before so I was excited to give it a try.

CitraSolv has a strong odor so, I decided to work outdoors. Along with Citra Solv and Clear Tar Gel, I brought out a drop cloth, roll of paper towels, rubber gloves and a small plastic measuring spoon to apply the Clear Tar Gel.

I started by applying the Clear Tar Gel to some of the magazine pages.

While those pages dried, I started to sprinkle Citra Solv on the remaining pages. I found it's a trail and error to figure out how much of the Citra Solv to use. As with most things, it's better to use a little bit and add more if the pages are altering. 

A field of drying papers!


Below are some of the pages after the Citra Solv dried.

This is the altered paper from the image above with Clear Tar markings. 

The original page was mostly black. I was concerned that it wouldn't alter but I really like how it turned out.

I like the contrast between the lavender and rust colors.

I started by adding Clear Tar Gel to this paper. After I added the Citra Solv and put it on a metal mesh table, this cool design appeared. Love! 

The original page had many different colors. I love the iridescent look.

I have an idea on how I will use these altered papers. Stay tuned!
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