Sunday, October 6, 2013

New Life Arts Project - "Waterfall"

A few months ago, Deborah Stanley approached me to participate in a charity auction for the New Life Arts Project (NLAP) for Smart Foundation and VSA California. This organization supplies musical instruments to children in Orange County who wouldn't have access otherwise. The artists are given damaged instruments to turn into artwork.
I requested clarinet. I thought the shape lent itself to stand on its own without any support. The clarinet I received had some of the keys were missing so, I decided to remove the remaining ones. I thought it would be interesting to explore the relationship of the hard instrument and softness of fabric. Also, I liked the idea painting the clarinet so, it won't be easily recognizable.
The first idea that came to mind was to shibori dye silk organza. The light and airy fabric fit the effect I wanted to achieve. I went back and forth on the color to paint the clarinet but ended up with light blue. The final element was adding a bit of orange that my friend, Madeleine, suggested. I'm happy with the piece and hope that it will bring in a good amount of money for the audition.
Side note: I realize that I need to work on photographing sculptures.
"Waterfall" by Mia Bloom
If you're in the north Orange County area on Saturday, October 12th from 5 - 8pm, come on by and check out the amazing artwork.


  1. Mia, this is a smashing work. It really suggests the essence of a waterfall. I very much appreciate how you juxtaposed such light, "fluid" fabric against the hard scape of the clarinet--just like the translucence of water cascading down nature's hard, rocky face. Moreover, the colors are a perfect compliment to the subject. What more can I say? This is beautiful and evocative art.