Saturday, May 4, 2013

New Project: Used Coffee Filters

Yes, you read correctly. I'm taking a slight detour from using teabag paper in my art. I wanted to find a slightly heavier filters. 

The prep is about the same. I let the filters dry with the coffee grounds on top to stain the filters. After the filters dried, I brush off the coffee grounds and put a light coat of soft matte medium on one side.

Once the medium dried, I trimmed each filter to a 5 1/2" square. I, also, used soft matte medium to attach the filters to each other. The size of the "fabric" is 15 3/4" x 36 1/4". I'm planning entering this piece in a group show that has a size limitation of 15"x34" so at some point I will need to trim it.

used coffee filter "fabric"

My plan is to weave strips of dyed fabric into this "fabric". I wanted to try different colors than I normally use so, I ordered 9 Procion dye from Dharma Trading. I'm still deciding on which colored fabric I will use on this piece.

The color names from left to right:
Amber Waves, Terracotta, Chocolate Brown, Rust Brown, Dutch Chocolate, Tea Leaves, Wasabi, Celadon and Garibaldi.

To be continued...


  1. Love the coffee filter fabric. The way you have treated it with matte medium should make it very, very strong and very close to a real fabric. The new Procion colors are luscious. Deciding which color(s) to use with your coffee filter fabric is going to be tough. They are all wonderful.

    1. Thank you, Linda! Seeing the fabric posted on my blog is a good way to see which colors look good together. I will probably dye a few of the colors again but using more of the dye for a darker value. I think the project needs more contrast.

  2. Perhaps we should introduce your filters to my coffee! xo, T

    1. LOL Isn't it fun using unexpected materials? I'll be checking in on your blog to see how your coffee dyed fabric turns out.