Friday, April 5, 2013

"Delphinium Field" Exhibit

Last year, I started a piece for Artistic Expressions' "Delphinium Fields" exhibit. I blogged about it here. This exhibit will be on displayed at all 7 of the Mancuso Shows starting in May 2013 in Denver, CO. To see all of the pieces in this exhibit, please visit the Artistic Expressions blog.

"Aged Beauty" by Mia Bloom

My piece was inspired by the natural aging that every living things goes through. I made this piece using raw edge applique so, it will age and wear as it travels the 7 Mancuso shows.


  1. Your "Aged Beauty" artistic representation of the delphinium flower is stunning--truly an outstanding work of art that will surely draw people to the entire exhibit. Love it. Love ALL your work.

  2. So sweet of you to say, Linda. All the artwork in this exhibit is so amazing!