Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Noble Seasons Update

The invitational exhibit, Noble Seasons, will be traveling around the country with the Winter series. First stop is Road to California on January 19-22 then wrapping up with an exhibit of all 4 seasons. I will repost when the final exhibit location is announced.

The coordinator of the exhibit had ask me if I want to make quilts for Spring and Summer since I joined the group with Autumn. I thought it would be great to have a series of quilts so, I jumped at the chance. Last weekend, I worked on making Spring and Summer while having the NFL playoffs as background noise. Here are all the quilts representing all 4 of the Noble Seasons.

"Those Crazy Blooms" for Spring

"Carefree Days" for Summer

"Autumn Glow" for Fall

"Snow Blind" for Winter


  1. So pretty! I think I like autumn the best (love the hot tones). Football is a frequent creating background noise in my life too!

  2. Thank you, Jenny.
    Art and football. What a great combination!