Sunday, August 7, 2011

Screen Printing with Jacaranda Leaves

The other day a branch from a nearby Jacaranda tree fell. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to use some of leaves to screen print fabric. I took pfd fabric and pinned it to a folded drop cloth. I laid some leaves on top of the pinned fabric. Then printed using thickened green dye over the top. The first print came out nice and clean.

I decided to leave the thickened dye on the screen overnight so, I could try the technique called Deconstructed Screen Printing.  The next day, I pinned a new piece of pfd to the drop cloth and screened thickened Sodium Alginate to release the dried dye. This print came out too light.
I had some Jacaranda leaves left over so, I decided to print over this fabric.  Using a clean screen, I pulled thickened purple dye on top. The white and light green shows through to add depth to the fabric.

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