Saturday, March 26, 2016

Rolodex Project - Day 26

Day 26 of my Rolodex Project. You can read about this project here.

Today's 3" x 5" artwork is made from old kimono scraps and commercial fabrics. It's hand stitched with Valdani Pearl Cotton #823 Olive Green - Dark and #1333 Christmas Red. I wanted to make a piece with typical Christmas-y colors and have it not look like Christmas. I'm happy with the way this piece turned out.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Very nice effect. Been extra busy and have not commented on a few of your works for the past week or so, but I've seen and swooned over each of them.

    1. Thanks, Linda! No need to apologize. I know that Helmi was visiting. 😀

    2. Just wanted to make sure you knew that one of your biggest fans is still visiting each of your great blog posts.

    3. That's so sweet. I'm one of your biggest fans! Mutual admiration club.