Monday, September 10, 2018

Loops Book with French Link and Copitc Stitches

I decided to give the French Link with Coptic Stitch another try. You can see my first attempt here. "Loops Book" has 20 - 4.5" square individual signatures that are sewn together using black waxen linen thread. I painted the loops using Turquoise and Red acrylic paint and thin black Sharpie. 

This attempt was a more successful than the last. There is something to say for practicing. Right? Next time I try this stitch I will use signatures with more paper. The bulk of the signatures will showcase the French Link stitch because there will be more space between the stitches.

"Loops Book" - 4.5" square

"Loops Book" - 4.5" square

"Loops Book" - 4.5" square

"Loops Book" - 4.5" square; all the pages
As I mentioned here. This book is on display at the eXtreme Fiber Art exhibit at the ideaXfactory.

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