Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Nature Book with Coptic and French Link Stitches

Nature Book with Coptic and French Link Stitch - 5.75"x4.5"

I'm feeling pretty good about my skills with the Coptic and Long stitch so I decided to add another stitch to my repertoire. The French Link stitch is another pretty stitch like the Coptic stitch. I thought that using both of these stitches would make a pretty book. Also, learning the right amount of thread tension is key to this stitch.

I had some papers that I tried to Ecoprint but not all the prints were successful. Instead of throwing out the unsuccessful prints I lightly overdyed all the papers with amber and dark blue-green so each page had some interesting marks. I felt that leaving the book without a cover would nicely showcase the papers. It was a pretty good first attempt at French Link stitch. I am going to continue to practice it so I can get the thread tension correct.

Nature Book - spine

Nature Book - end pages and spine

Nature Book - page 1

Nature Book - last page

Nature Book - inside pages

Nature Book - inside pages

Nature Book - aerial view

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