Monday, June 17, 2013

SDA Conference 2013 Gallery Hop: Part 2

The next 2 galleries that we visited while at the SDA Conference was the Parchman Stremmel Gallery and AnArte Gallery.

At the Parchman Stremmel Gallery, Janet A. Lasher exhibit called "Conscription" was the featured at this gallery. Each sculpture took the artist 1 week to finish. They were cast using a positive mold with abaca paper pulp and stitched using sinew.

This exhibit was a very powerful in the presentation due to the number of pieces and excellent execution of each sculpture.

Janet A. Lasher "Conscription" artwork

front close up - Janet A. Lasher "Conscription"

back close up - Janet A. Lasher "Conscription"

Janet A. Lasher explaining her process for making each piece.

Then on to the AnArte Gallery with the "Looking Through" exhibit featuring the artwork of Elise Deringer and Kelsey Viola Wiskirchen. This exhibit explores the internal self, the external world and the space between simultaneously. (Forgive me, I didn't note the titles of the artwork.)

Elise Deringer and Kelsey Viola Wiskirchen

Elise Deringer's artwork

Kelsey Viola Wiskirchen's artwork

close up of Kelsey Viola Wiskirchen's artwork


  1. So interesting! Thanks for sharing, Mia!

  2. You're welcome, Linda. The whole trip was amazing! I learned a lot and really thought about the direction I want to take with my art.

  3. With these few pictures you have managed to capture the essence of the exhibits. This must have been pure food for your artist's soul. Thank you for posting. The quality of your photography was outstanding.

  4. Thanks, Linda. I'm enjoying reliving the conference while sorting through the photos. Amazing conference!