Friday, April 10, 2015

Collage #52

Collage #52 is similar to Collage #51 in that it shows how chaotic my life is right now. "Art imitating life".

This collage was made with all leftover papers from other collages and projects. It was made in under 30 minutes. Back in September 2014, I challenged myself to make 30 collages (one per day) for 30 days with each made in less than 30 minutes . You can read about it here.

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  1. Do I see shades of your upcoming mounted work? Are the circles from the ends of thread spools? This is quite interesting. Good show, Mia. Congrats for sticking to your collage a day for 30 days and each made in 30 minutes. Such adherence to a goal is truly admirable.

    1. You're right, Linda. The circles on the right side are stickers from thread spools. I took them off when I was using the thread but forgot which thread they belonged to. I may start another 30 collages in 30 days in 30 minutes when things settle down for me. Or I may review all my small journal collages and use them as a starting point for a fiber piece.