Monday, February 23, 2015

Organizing my fabric scraps

I love dyeing, painting and marking my own fabric. There are usually small marked scraps after finishing a project. Usually, I just put the scraps in storage and forget about them. 

The other day I was looking into the containers of Dharma Fiber Reactive Procion dyes trying to figure out the difference between Carmel, Sahari and Chamois. I can't tell the difference by looking at powdered dye. I decided to start documenting when I dye or paint fabric. Nothing fancy so I will keep up with it. This book is for me to use as a reference when thinking about dyeing or painting fabrics for a project. I bought a wire bound sketchbook and started attaching the dyed/painted fabric scraps with short notes about the dye and water recipe. Again nothing fancy.

I started with Dharma Procion dyes in browns. I've been dyeing a lot of browns lately so, the scraps spilled over to 2 pages. I left a few blank pages inbetween each page that has fabric scraps attached. I want to try to keep the color families together. 


Dharma Procion dyes in Greens.

I don't use a lot of red, orange or yellow in my artwork so, I put the scraps on one page.

Rit Liquid dyes

Setacolor Fabric Paint

Sunprint fabrics using SolarFast and Setacolor.


  1. Thanks for sharing your documenting process. I really need to start doing something like this, also. This will be a great reference tool for you.

    1. It really is a great reference tool. Sometimes how the color looks in the container is different once it's on fabric.