Monday, February 9, 2015

Collage #40

When I started working on my Quick Sketch Collages here, I was only allowing myself 30 minutes to create each collage. My thought was to keep the collage process loose and non-judgmental. Now that I'm pushing myself to add layers, I decided to throw out the time restriction.

Collage #40 was developed over time...days. I wanted to really look at each step to see if the collage needed more layers of paint or paper. Here is the final Collage #40:

Final Collage #40

The steps leading up to the final collage show how some of the missteps along the way. I started by adhering 3 pieces of distressed bleeding tissue paper onto the journal page using a matte medium.

I wanted to push myself to add layers using unrelated papers. I cut out the area of the paper bag were the sides are glued together. I liked the serrated edge and the thickness of the paper bag.

Instead of adding more paper elements to the white areas, I decided to paint a wash of green and white. Overlapping the brush strokes onto the collage papers. The collage stayed at this point for 2 days so, I could figure out the next step.

I decided that the green and white painted areas were a bit of a misstep. By introducing the large circles cut from pages in a book, I covered up the misstep and added another layered element to the collage. After this step, I stopped again to live with the collage for a few days.

The circles made from pages in a book and the strip from the paper bag seemed a bit disjointed from the rest of the collage. I decided to add orange tissue paper shapes to tie all the elements together. After this step, I noticed that the matte medium was leaving a cloudy film over the collage that I didn't like. Oops! Another misstep. I brushed on a thin coat of soft gel gloss over the whole piece. It helped to tone down the matte look. Now I'm much happier with the final collage.

Collage #40 with matte medium
Collage #40 with soft gel gloss


  1. Thanks for sharing your thought processes that went into creating this collage. It is nicely balanced and the colors and shapes are great.

    1. You're welcome, Linda. I'm glad you like this collage.