Monday, February 16, 2015

Collage #42

Collage #42 is a bit of a departure for me. I decided to go outside my comfort zone.

This collage started like most of my recent collages by using distressed bleeding tissue papers.

I pulled out a piece of craft paper that I had splattered with black paint from my paper stash. I placed the paper on top of the collage without adhering it so, I could audition it for awhile to see if it works.

I liked the addition of the paint splattered craft paper so, it was adhered to the collage. (Excuse the photo below. For some reason splattered craft paper didn't photography correctly.) I added some yellow and white paint in the untouched part of the collage. Again, the collage sat for a few days while I decided if it's going in a good direction.

The yellow and white painted area didn't look right so I added peach paper on top of it. Then phrases from a book and part of the inside of a security envelope were added. Adding these papers really push me outside my comfort zone. I'm happy with the results.


  1. These are luscious papers and the way you have made them work together with paint is outstanding.

    1. I appreciate your kind comment, Linda. This collage was definitely outside my comfort zone. More collages to come!