Friday, October 5, 2018

This week's sketches in my 4"x6" journal.

Here is a link that where I first talked about this journal, click here.  

I worked on these two sketches last Saturday when I was suppose to be tackling my "to do" list. Sometimes you do have to put off tomorrow what you should be doing today so you can make time for art. 

Making time for art during the work week can be challenging. These two sketches aren't my favorites. I have been holding onto the leafy magazine paper for quite sometime. I really liked the visual and didn't want to "waste" it. Both of these sketches feel forced to me. Meaning I didn't feel like creating in my journal so I worked in it even though I wasn't feeling creative. Oh, well...that's why I'm creating in a sketchbook journal. It allows me to play with design ideas.


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