Friday, April 13, 2018

"Language" sketchbook journal

Now that I completed my "Uncomfortable Zone" sketchbook journal, I'm jumping back into my "Language" sketchbook journal so I can continue to explore messy layers of paint mixed with pen marks. You can read more about "Language" sketchbook journal here. I found it productive to work on two pages at once. While the paint dries on one page, I can work on the next page.
These are the pages that I worked on this week. 

"Language" sketchbook journal - Creative Blocks and Adventure for Everyone

close up - Creative Blocks 7"x5"

close up - Adventure for Everyone 8"x5"

"Language" sketchbook journal - The use of the library and Resist

close up - The use of the library 4"x4.5"

close up - Resist 7"x5"

"Language" sketchbook journal - Safe Space and Reveal

close up - Safe Space 4"x4.5"

close up - Reveal 4"x4.5"

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