Sunday, March 5, 2017

6"x10" collage #03052017

I'm continuing my 6"x10" collage practice using only magazine pages. The limited materials are helping me to focus on design and color.

#03052017 6"x10" collage

Before I determined that this collage was finished, I removed the color in Photoshop. It's a great way to see if the color value is balance. It, also, helps to squint your eyes while assessing the design. I notice that I tend to stay in the medium value range with my artwork.
The dark, medium and light value shapes in this collage seem pretty balanced.
#03052017 color removed

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  1. Yes values ar very well balanced, as is the design. This one woks this way or upended.

    1. Thanks, Linda! I can't tell you how much I enjoy creating these paper collages.