Monday, February 20, 2017

6"x10" Collage #02202017

I'm continuing to explore 6"x10" collages in-between working on fiber projects. My first collage of this series was posted here.

Creating these collages is starting to become a good practice for me. Exploring different shapes and colors while using only magazine pages is pushing me to work on design. I, also, needed to find a way to label each collage. I decided to use the date the collage was finished. Some of the collages may take a few days to complete due to time restraints.

Collage #02202017 started with the background design. I wasn't sure what to put on top so I cut out these loose, oblong shapes. 

Questions that I asked myself when looking at this collage: Do these loose, oblong shapes work with the background? Is there enough color contrast between the background and the shapes on top? Is the design interesting? My answers to all 3 questions is that I'm not sure. Hopefully, the more I create these collages the answers will be more evident.

#02202017 6"x10" collage

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  1. This is another hit. I say yes to all the questions you ask :-)

    1. Thank you,Linda! I'm having fun making these collages.