Saturday, February 18, 2017

6" x 10" Collage

I'm involved in two fiber art groups that have booked multiple exhibits this year. My "to do" list of fiber projects is steadily growing. Before I start tackling that list of projects, I cracked open a new 7"x10" Mix Media Sketchbook from Canson so I can loosen up with a quick collage. Ever since I mailed off my sketchbook for Las Laguna Gallery's Sketchbook West 2017, I wanted to continue my collage practice.  

I've used Canson's products before but this is the first time I'm trying this sketchbook. There are 40 pages of heavyweight (138 lb) paper. I like that the pages are perforated to a finish size of 6"x10". In the future, I can remove any of the collages to be framed. 

6"x10" collage made from magazine pages
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  1. This is really interesting, especially today when we have been experiencing lots of thunderous, pounding rain. I see lightening and clouds.

    1. Wow! I didn't notice the lightening and clouds in this collage when I was working on it but now I do. It's fun sharing my art and see what others take away from it. Thanks for commenting, Linda!