Saturday, December 17, 2016

"Sketchbook West 2017" - Pages 21 to 32

A few more pages for Las Laguna Gallery's "Sketchbook West 2017" exhibit. To learn more about this project, please click here.

I enjoy challenging myself to create with a limited color palette. The next few pages will use red, white, black and grey colors to create collages. I'm on a quest to master collage.

Pages 21 and 22: I pulled out some construction paper scraps then marked some with paint, sharpies and pastel crayon.
Pages 21 and 22

Pages 23 and 24: Another collage using construction paper with some pieces marked with black and white sharpie. The white ground is marked black crayon scribbles.

Pages 23 and 24

Pages 25 and 26: I noticed other artists using painted deli papers in their collages/journals/sketchbooks. This technique intrigued me. The ground is painted grey with black and white acrylic painted deli paper scraps and red tissue paper. The acrylic paint on the deli paper seems to be flaking off. Instead of using Yes glue, next time I will use gel medium to adhere and coat the painted deli papers. This is a perfect example of testing techniques in a sketchbook.

Pages 27 and 28: This collage uses paint splattered black and white construction paper on a grey painted ground. I love the simplicity of this design.

Pages 29 and 30: I had fun playing around with different shapes for this collages. I used white, painted grey and red construction paper on painted black ground with white scribble.

Pages 31 and 32: I started to play with negative space with this collage. At this point, I felt stuck. I uploaded a photo of it into Photoshop and played around it different layouts. All of them felt overworked and forced. I realized that this collage is finished in its unfinished state.

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