Thursday, December 8, 2016

"Sketchbook West 2017" - Pages 13 to 20

I finished up a few more pages for Las Laguna Gallery's "Sketchbook West 2017" exhibit. To learn more about this project, please click here.

Pages 13 and 14: I have the paperback book "To Kill A Mockingbird" for another larger project. I was feeling a bit morbid when I create these pages. It was nice to do a bit of line drawing.
Pages 13 and 14
Pages 15 and 16: The last time I made a piece of art for my "Peel Away The Layers" series was in 2014. I have a few words to use as prompts for future pieces in this series. The words "exhale" or "exhaling" are the prompts for this piece.This sketch is very rough but I wanted to put the idea on paper. To learn more about this series, please click here.
Pages 15 and 16

Pages 17 and 18:  This sketch started out as a meditation of dots but now I get dizzy looking at it.
Pages 17 and 18
Pages 19 and 20: After creating pages 17 and 18, I wanted to create a simple, calm feeling sketch.

Pages 19 and 20
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  1. Love you broad range of creativity! I really, really like the mockingbird one. It tells a great story.

    1. Thank you, Linda! This small format sketchbook allows me to try different styles, techniques and colors without investing in too much time and materials.