Friday, May 6, 2016

Quick Painted Sketch Paper - Collage #1

The last post I talked about the quick painted sketch papers I've been creating the last few weeks. After I looked at the photos of the papers organized into different groups, I knew I had to make collages out of the papers. I still have limited time so, the collages will be created quickly. Instead of gluing the papers together, I brought out my sewing machine that has been collecting dust since November 2015 and top stitched the papers with red thread. This combination reminds me of the Day 7 of my Rolodex Project from March 2016 but with paper.

Collage #1 - 14" x 18"
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  1. Your inimitable artistic style always captivates my interest. The paint strokes are very different but work famously together, as do the paint colors.

    1. Thank you so much, Linda, for the kind words. I'm still working on getting my artistic groove back. ~:o)