Friday, December 4, 2015

Photo(s) Friday

It's refreshing to see fun, creative homes among the track homes and McMansions.

I love that the owners weren't afraid to paint their house pink and turquoise. The colors are actually brighter than these pictures.

The owner(s) of this house must be skiiers!

For some reason this house reminds me of a ship/boat/yacht.

Awww...the storybook house.

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  1. These are fun pictures, Mia. I'm wondering where you found these interesting houses. I thought maybe they were over near Marshall High School but the hills look too close for that to be the case. One of the reasons that I thought about this locale is because there is a house near the Shakespeare Bridge that built in that architectural manner. Thought the plans might have been drawn by the same architect. Love these.

  2. These homes are in my neighborhood near or on Sunset Canyon Drive in Burbank. I'm finding more creative homes as I walk around different streets. There is another house that looks like it's from a story book nearby the one pictured above.