Thursday, March 26, 2015

Work in Progress: 18" x 36" mounted piece

I'm working on a piece of fiber art that will be mounted on a 18" x 36" stretched canvas. This piece will be exhibit with Beyond the Edge Fiber Artists group. I can't show the whole piece until after the exhibit has started but here is a preview of sections of the piece.

I love the raw, primitive style of this piece. 

Initially, I wanted to hand stitch the whole piece. It became clear to me that a section of the denim area that has to attached to 3 layers needed to be machine stitched. I was concerned that the machine and hand stitching would throw off the piece. Now that I had time to look it, I think both types of stitching work well together.

This piece is almost done except for the decision of how to hide the section where the rusted fabric meets the denim. Right now I'm auditioning different sizes and shapes of leather.

To be continued...

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  1. Your hand stitching fits the rusted fabric perfectly and combining hand and machine stitching on the denim is brilliant. It's looking great.