Thursday, January 15, 2015

SolarFast Printed Fabric Projects

I started to work on some artwork using the fabric I printed with SolarFast. I blogged about using SolarFast here. 

Most of the fabric I'm using for a large artwork that I will post at a later time. There were so many good size scraps left over that I decided to create 4 smaller pieces. The majority of each piece will be hand stitched. At the moment, I'm really inspired by the look and process of hand stitching. The finished size of each piece will be 8" x 10" and mounted on sketcher bars. I'm not sure if I'm going to frame the artwork yet. I'll decide once all 4 pieces are completed.

The first piece is almost done. Due to the size of the artwork, the hand stitching is going pretty fast. I'm haven't done too much hand stitching so the stitching isn't perfect. The process is really cathartic. I will post the finished artwork once they are all done. 

Artwork #1

Close up of Artwork #1

Another close up of Artwork #1

Artwork #2

Artwork #3

Artwork #4


  1. These pieces are gorgeous, Mia. The colors are mindbogglingly beautiful and your hand stitching is perfect for this work.

    1. Thank you, Linda. I'm really enjoying the process of creating these pieces of art.