Thursday, January 8, 2015

Collage #36

I'm slightly obsessed with using bleeding tissue paper on my quick sketch collages. The serendipitous nature of spritzing water on top of the tissue paper to see how it will distress is very intriguing to me. It's not a new technique but it's one that I'm currently exploring. In this post, I'm going to explain my process of distressing the tissue paper and creating Collage #36.

Here is the finished Collage #36. 

The first step is to cut up the bleeding tissue paper in different colors and sizes. For Collage #36 I decided to distress the tissue paper on top of the journal page I'm going to use for the collage. The journal page along with the tissue paper will be distressed at the same time.

I first placed a large piece of white tissue paper on top of the journal page. Then laid smaller pieces of black and red tissue paper on top. Overlapping a bit. When  the water is lightly spritzed on top, the ink will run. You can see where the black ink is bleeding on to the red and white tissue paper.

Wait until the tissue paper is dried before separating the pieces. The stain on the journal page is well defined. The journal page will be the first layer of the collage.

The next step was adding red tissue paper that wasn't distressed. The distressed red tissue paper was too busy for this collage. I love the way the stained journal page is showing through the red tissue paper. 

The final step was adding 3 torn pieces of the distress black tissue paper with white dots on top.

I didn't use all the tissue paper that I distressed on this collage. It will be saved for future projects.

I hope you liked this post and inspired to try bleeding tissue paper in your artwork.


  1. This was definitely inspiring, Love how the color bleeding comes through like a ghost color. I have some of this kind of tissue paper in my stash and may give this technique a try.

    1. I'm glad you were inspired, Linda. Send me photos if you try this technique.