Saturday, November 24, 2012

Update From My Studio

This is a long overdue update from my studio. I've been working on multiple projects at once. Here are a few works in progress that I'm having a blast making.

The first work in progress piece is made from tin tile and monoprint fabrics that I posted about here and here. The top is done and now I need to figure out how to finish it.

The other work in progress piece for the Peel Away The Layers series. This series is made with used tea bag paper. The other pieces in this series have been dark. I thought it would be fun to use brighter colored fabrics.  

Now back to the studio...


  1. Fantabulous pieces! Your placement of the long strips makes the first piece come alive and your use of light colors in the peeling away of layers in the second work is quite dazzling.

  2. Thank you, Linda. Both pieces are creatively stimulating for me.