Monday, August 20, 2012

I'm teaching!

Well, I finally did it.....I'm dipping my foot into the teaching pond. For a few years I played around with the idea of teaching a class but the right opportunity hadn’t presented itself until now.

When I heard that the Executive Director at the Community Center of La Canada-Flintridge  was looking for new teachers/classes, I jumped at the chance to present my class proposal. She liked my idea of a 6 part class teaching various surface design techniques on fabric. Starting with dyeing and painting fabric to simple monoprinting and screen printing to making stamps and stencils. The catalogues are mailing out and the class schedule is on the website.


  1. This sounds wonderful. I wish I lived closer! I am hoping to teach some mixed media classes this fall. Excited, but kinda scared too. Ready to jump in though. Glad you are too.

  2. Thanks, Jenny! I agree...excited but kinda of scary. I'm excited that you are looking into teaching. Your blog has so many great ideas that can be classes. Jump in!

  3. This should be great, Mia. People love 6 session classes; I wish I could teach one here at home but my travel schedule doesn't allow it - I'm not often around 6 wks in a row. And when I am, I'd rather be in the studio.

    I hope you'll post about your classes as they are happening!

  4. Hi Rayna-That’s good to know that people like the 6 session class. I was a bit unsure if it was too much of a commitment but there was so much information I wanted to share.
    I’ll take your advice and post photos as the class processes. Thanks!