Sunday, August 26, 2012

Album Art

The theme for this weekend turned out to be album art.

Saturday, my guy and I went to the Annenberg Space For Photography and saw the "Who Shot Rock and Roll" exhibit. It felt nostalgic to see the old album covers hanging at the entrance to the exhibit. The main part of the exhibit is the candid photographs of rock and roll artists starting from the 1960s to present. Also, there is a 30 minute documentary that interviewed some of the photographers whose work was displayed in the exhibit. I highly recommend this exhibit if you're in the Los Angeles area.

The other part of this album art weekend was inspired by Jenny Cochran Lee's blog, texterial and her August 20th blogpost about using old album covers for notebooks. It was so inspiring to me. I had fun browsing through the old albums at a local thrift store.

This weekend I made 5 album cover notebooks. I don't have a binding machine so, I used colored binding rings. The edges were finished using colored duct tape. The notebooks are a mixed of funny and cool album artwork. Please excuse the poor quality photos. For some reason I couldn't get the lighting quite right. 

Close up showing the self-adhesive rhinestones that I added.


  1. 56How great it was that the Who Shot Rock and Roll exhibit coincided perfectly with your inspiration to make book covers with old album covers. These are great. Your idea to use colored rings is phenomenal.

  2. I love them! I had to giggle thinking about sitting and listening to actual business letters... what a different world we live in now! The rings work really well - and with the added feature of being able to remove and add paper as needed. I also love the way you added rhinestones. So fun. Thank you for sharing! I just got more binding wire for my machine, so a trip back to the thrift store is on the list for this week!

  3. Thanks, Linda. It was a fun project. Did you check out the texterial blog?

  4. I'm glad you loved them, Jenny. It so addicting! I love projects that can be completed in a day.