Friday, November 20, 2020

New collages

I'm continuing to create collages in my larger (7"x8.5") single sheet art journal. The original post where I talked more about this new journal is here. Very slowly creating since I'm have a client project along with my full-time job. I do work in this art journal everyday but I don't always finishing one collage a day as I did in previous art journals. It's definitely changing the way I create. I believe any change in an art practice is beneficial.

My initial intention for this collage was to use only black, white and grey. After I finished making this collage, it looked a bit plain. For me, a pop of red gives this collage a hit of added interest.

I have been working on my computer the majority of the time lately. I got up early one morning to create this collage. I challenged myself to use color combinations outside my comfort zone. Also, to use only the painted papers that were on my table. I look at the collage now, after photographing it, and see design flaws. Oh, well...that's all part of the process of growing as an artist, isn't it?

I created this collage over a weekend. As mentioned at the beginning of this post, I been working on a client project along with my full-time job. Both require me to work on my computer. It can be challenging to eek out time to create art for myself. It's essential to do so. I'm sure others can relate.


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