Friday, August 11, 2017

sketchbook journal - update

I'm continuing to work daily in one of the sketchbooks journals that I made. To see the other sketches, please click here and here. Most of the designs are loosely made, which is helping me work through my creative block. It's been fun so far creating outside my comfort zone. I'm pushing myself to go beyond minimal style. The sketches are from my repurposed magazine sketchbook journal.

With this finished sketch I had an idea to use torn brown paper with torn scenic magazine pages. The left side I decided to paint the brown and beige paper for contrast while the right side is the paper untouched. I prefer the right side. The contrast of the brown paper with the cool colors of the magazine pages is pleasing to my eye. What do you think?

This next one is 4 pages - the two colorful grounds plus 2 cutout top layers. I was going to add marks to the top pink layer but I realized that it should have been done before cutting out the shapes. I usually don't use bubblegum pink in my art. This sketch is finished.

Here's a look at the design underneath the pink cutouts:

I realized as I painted this sketch that I wasn't happy with the main design shapes. After staring at it for a few weeks, I decided to add the words from #100wordsin100days challenge from earlier this year. Not sure if I like it any better now but it's finished.

The next four sketches are in the early stages. It's hard for me to resist the urge to consider all 4 sketches as finished. Again, pushing myself outside my minimal style. I'm thoughtfully evaluating the next marks to make.

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