Monday, September 26, 2016

"Infinite Connections" at Quiltfest Oasis

"Infinite Possibilities"
My piece called "Infinite Possibilities" is traveling to Palm Springs in October to be shown at Quiltfest Oasis with the Beyond the Edge Fiber Artists exhibit "Infinite Connections".

Beyond the Edge Fiber Artists' exhibit statement:

This exhibit is dedicated to the infinite opportunities for connections and all they bring to our lives. It allows each artist to explore the meaning of the word "infinite" and how that meaning might relate to the people and world around us.

My artist statement for "Infinite Possibilities":

This artwork has 15 separate pieces. My idea is that each piece can be rearranged so the design can change depending on how the 15 pieces are attached. Infinite possibilities for infinite connections.  

If you're in the Palm Springs area, here is the information regarding the show:

Quiltfest Oasis - October 6  - 8, 2016
Palm Springs Convention Center
277 North Avenida Caballeros
Palm Springs, CA

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  1. This is a really interesting work. Hope to be able to make it to Quiltfest Oasis this year so that I can see it hanging.

  2. I appreciate that, Linda. I'm happy with this piece. Not sure I'm going to make it to Quiltfest but I saw it hanging Road. The whole exhibit looks amazing hanging together.