Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Brand Library Art Galleries - "Go Big or Go Home" exhibit

I gave myself a nice treat today by going to Brand Library Art Galleries and saw the "Go Big or Go Home" exhibit. You can read about the exhibit here.  

I love this gallery space. Every exhibit I've attended is so well curated. If you're in the Glendale, CA area before March 25th, I highly recommend checking out this exhibit.


In the Courtyard, Bridget Beck's "Composite Sketch" took up the whole space. Very impressive and thought provoking piece.

"Composite Sketch" by Bridget Beck

Next I took in the art in the Atrium Gallery. The art by Thinh Nguyen were performance pieces that the artist wore during the opening reception. I wish I had gone to experience it.
"Gorilla Girl" by Thinh Nguyen

"Vagless" by Thinh Nguyen

"Panther" by Thinh Nguyen

"Sage" by Thinh Nguyen

 "Goth Baby" by Emily Sudd represents the heartbeat of her unborn baby. Lovely piece.

"Goth Baby" by Emily Sudd

"Untitled Amplifiers" by Julie Schustack

I worked my way into the main Skylight Gallery. The artwork in this space overwhelmed me in a very good way. 

"Dusty Eulipians Guide the Journey Agents" by Rebecca Niederlander

"Juicer" by William Ransom

"Licketh the Rainbow" by Ashley Hagen

"Organic Form" by Pontus Willfors

"The Spider and The Fly" by Christian Tedeschi

"The Story is in the Frame" by Elizabeth Tinglof

"Tide Pool"  by Lynn Aldrich
"Scorpuluum" by Rebecca Ripple (photo from Brand Gallery's website)
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  1. These look like great exhibits, Mia. Your photographs are of professional quality. Thank you very much for sharing them.

    Aside: "Scorpuluum" sent me on an extensive search for what that word means. The closes I could come was to Scorpula, a night crawling creature often associated with malevolence. It was a very interesting search.

    1. Thanks, Linda. I used the camera on my Android. I'm surprised by the quality.

      "Scorpuluum" is a made up word by the artist. It's a take on speculum. Look at the top of the artwork and you'll see that familiar shape. The base is made from linoleum similar to the kind used in doctor's offices. You can gather what she was trying to convey. wink, wink.