Monday, October 7, 2013

Surface Art Association - "Under The Influence" exhibit

October 12th is turning out to be a busy day for me. Besides the NLAP auction that I mentioned in here, there is the opening reception for Surface Art Association exhibit called "Under the Influence" from 2-4pm. The members were asked to create a piece that represents what influences their art. The size requirement was 15"x34" or a sculpture.

Recently, I have been using nontraditional materials in my art. I decided to create a piece that incorporated used coffee filters. I first blogged about this piece here. This piece has inspired me to create a series using coffee filters.

"Interwoven #1" by Mia Bloom

Each member could also enter an additional piece that would included in the exhibit depending on the space available. Luckily, my additional piece was included. This piece called "Renewal" is part of my series called "Peel Away the Layers". 

"Renewal" by Mia Bloom


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