Saturday, March 17, 2012

Playing Around

Okay, I have to admit that I planned to Spring clean my place this weekend but the dust bunnies will have to wait.  

I don't have any immediate deadlines so, I thought I would play this weekend. Besides making 10 pieces for my graffiti inspirations blog, I was inspired paint a large (for me) canvas.

Graffiti Inspirations artwork

 I have this 30" x 40" canvas lying around from a project that didn't go anywhere. Newspaper was adhered to the canvas using white acrylic paint and matte medium.

I started by painting a wash of aqua and blue then drybrushed some yellow accents on top.

Now that I have the base of the painting, it's time to add some contrast. Cobalt Blue circles were added using a stencil I made from medium weight cardboard.

I think I have a good start. This coming week I will add layers to it and see what develops.

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